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Before the project

Asrat had been leading her life by a very small amount of income earned through the selling of handmade embroidery products using her former knowledge till she has joined SDE’s women project in 2014 and graduated in 2015 after trained on sewing and modern hand embroidery skills.

After the project:
She has been one of those beneficiaries who received working machine support from SDE. Hence she started earning some money and lead her life by repairing old clothes and sewing sofa’s coverings for some time followed by additionally employed in a Sofa producer enterprise.

Her Current status:
She is now 30 and earning from the two sources far better income than before the project (her income is estimated at a minimum of Birr 3000/month), she is registered and saving for condominium, she has now all the necessary household furniture and educating her three children unlike before.

Her opinion
Asrat generally said “You would never see me in such status if I wouldn’t have joined Siddartha’s Project; my future plan is to have my own big business after earning some money as an employee; I’m very sure you will see me with such enterprise next time. Thanks a lot and God bless Siddartha

In our view Asrat’s profile teaches those unemployed & low-income people that there are many alternatives to unemployment, commitment helps to earn better payments and being visionary assists to stretch one upwards.


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