Support for Female-Headed Families project is one of the projects that SDE has been implementing since 2001. The major objective of this project has been to change the economic condition of marginalized female-headed families through initiating vocational skill training and psycho-social empowerment programs. The reason for intervening in this project is that our findings indicate that significant numbers of the households (amounting to 28- 32.8%) are female-headed in Addis Ababa City.


According to many sources and our experience shows that the status of such women is low because they: (a) are generally poorer than men because they earn less; (b) are less educated; (c) are increasingly becoming heads of households, with no resources to support their dependents; (d) do not enjoy due acknowledgment for their labor contribution (e) less decision making power. The source further depicts Ethiopia has long been a patriarchal society that keeps women at a subordinate position, using religion and culture as an excuse.

Despite impressive signs of progress in socio-economic condition of Ethiopia in general and the position of women in particular in the last two decades, Poverty is still a problem in the country. However, men and women experience poverty differently due to gender-differentiated processes. One major feature of female-headed households, therefore, is their increased vulnerability to poverty.


Hence SDE has been running this project for such women through providing technical skill training on weaving, sewing, embroidery, shoemaking and Basic Business Skill (BBS) training in its own training center. Outsourced other skills training like bakery, Hair-dressing, beautifying, Catering, e.t.c have been provided on the basis of the women’s potentials and preferences. Life skills education is also one of the basic components of the training to help the targeted women improving their basic knowledge of life. Currently, the project annually accepts 150 women. To strengthen the training processes and turn out it into tangible results, other supplementing interventions including transportation allowance; health care; working material support for feasible individual and group projects after graduation; organizing BBS trainees into saving and credit associations; tea and bread services during breaks; creating networks for markets and employment opportunities and educational materials support for their children are underway.


(Pictures of beneficiary training, working material support, educational material provision e.t.c)

Complementing activities in this project are community dry latrine construction where the majority of the targeted women are living and rehabilitation and maintenance of dilapidated women’s houses. In doing so SDE scored a lot of achievements and created considerable impacts hitherto.


(Pictures of communal toilets and rehabilitated beneficiary houses)

The current three years project profile of Women Headed Families Support Project

  1. Project Title: Support program for Female-Headed Families

  2. General Objective: To improve the livelihood of deprived female-headed families and underprivileged community members through skills training, job opportunity, psycho-social improvement and other supportive programs.

Number of beneficiaries 



  1. Technical and life skill trainees=300 women heads

  2. Basic Business skill trainees  =  150 women heads

  3. Dry latrine=324 HHs which have 1944 members

  4. Total: 2394 family members 


Indirect 2,700 family members of women heads & the community constituents in the area


Areas of Operation:- Gullele sub City of woreda 10 and Addis Ketema sub city of woreda 10 in Addis Ababa City Administration

Duration of the Project: three years starting from July 2015 to June 2018


Implementer: Siddartha Development Ethiopia     


Donor: Different individuals in Belgium through Siddartha Belgium and domestic supporters

Project Budget: Total = Birr 6,635,100

Direct project Cost=Birr 4,774,479 (72%)

Administrative related cost = Birr 1,860,621 (28 %)