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* To see the marginalized section of the community in Ethiopia, being self-dependent and living healthy life. 



 * Enable the unprivileged community in Ethiopia optimally use their potentials/assets by creating a place of hope and encouragement.

Core values/ guiding principles: In all its operation Siddartha has the following values

* We believe that sharing is the essence of mankind in which both the rich and the poor can exchange

* We believes that the unprivileged deserve honor, hospitality and love 

* We believe that the poor and unprivileged are the core Siddartha activity

* We believe every person is unique and respect the dignity, uniqueness and worth of every person

* We believe that true friendship is an essential precondition to provide a full-fledged support and guidance to our beneficiaries.

* We believe hospitality from the heart gives shelter and warmth.

* We do value the indispensable and irreplaceable contribution of volunteers in every initiative of Siddartha.

* We believe in real partnership, transparency, participation and collaboration of all stakeholders.

* We believe that every initiative of Siddartha will keep the hope of better world alive.

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