Vision and Mission statement

The vision of SDE is to see the marginalized section of the community in Ethiopia, being self-dependent and living a healthy life

The mission of the organization is to enable the unprivileged component of the community to sustainably use their potentials and capabilities by creating a place of hope and encouragement; providing formal education, income generating and life skills, basic education, basic services, and other supporting provisions through mobilization of funds from donors, use of volunteers and strengthening partnership with concerned bodies.

Core Values/ Guiding principles/: In all its operations Siddartha has the following values,

  • We believe that the poor and unprivileged who shall deserve honor, respect and love are the core of every Siddartha activities

  • We are always convinced of being ready and fully committed to helping our beneficiaries irrespective of the benefits and the incentives we get

  • We value that efficiency and effectiveness are our brands

  • We respect the dignity, uniqueness, and worth of every person

  • We believe that the unprivileged deserve honor, respect, hospitality, and love

  • We believe that sharing is an essence of mankind in which both the rich and the poor can exchange

  • We do value the indispensable and irreplaceable contribution of volunteers in every initiative of Siddartha

  • We believe that openness and transparency; real partnership; full participation of stakeholders; and collaboration in all our initiatives are the competency standards

  • We believe that every initiative of Siddartha will help to keep the hope of better world alive

  • We believe that true friendship is an essential precondition to provide a full-fledged service and guidance to our beneficiaries.

The Strategic Plan

With the comparative growing of Siddartha’s intervention & the capacity, the desire for continuing its operation and to improve its service delivery; SDE initiated the first SPM by reviewing its vision, mission, core values, operational system, its partnership relations with concerned bodies and its funding sources. By deciding to engage in a strategic planning process and developing a multi-year strategic plan, SDE wanted to deserve all the noticeable benefits and significant advantages of SPM. At this point, SDE understood that this planning management tool, with its forward-looking approach, empowers the management body to:

  • Be strategic and consistent

  • Manage for results

  • Promote communication

  • Attain a common purpose

  • Help to develop a sense of ownership

  • Adapt to the changing environment

  • Improve self-image and public relation and

  • Strive for excellence

Download the full document (Strategic Plan for the year 2013- 2017)