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This is a project implemented since 2001. Based on the latest estimate of UN, Ethiopia has an estimated population of 110.3 million with a growth rate of 2.46% per year. Ethiopia is a young population. The same UN estimates shows approximately 41.6% of the population are under 15 years of age and 29.4% aged 15-30 years. 


Problems for project intervention:   
The rapid growth in Ethiopia’s urban centers, common manifestations of poverty and vulnerability for youth of both sexes include: food insecurity; poor housing and sanitation; poor access to health, education, legal, financial and other services; lack of ownership of personal and/or household assets; harmful practices, under or unemployment; low and/or unstable income sources; street life; little knowledge and limited access to reproductive health services; and often the risk of addiction to alcohol, chat or other drugs. All this combined, it will create a circle of poverty and social crisis.

Girls face particular challenges including limited access to schooling, early and an unwanted marriage, and lack of parental presence, unsafe and exploitive work roles, and coercive sexual relations. 

Capacity building programs which include skill trainings allows young vulnerable people into alternative paid work in their chosen profession; support for formal schooling; enhancing life skills; and creating safe and youth-friendly environments focusing on adolescents and youths from slum dwellings & poor female-headed families will play significant role in shaping their future. 

Current Active Project (Feb. 2022 - Jan. 2025)

Project Objective:

*Create a favorable conditions for youth to use their potentials, have proper access to information, education and guidance to shape their future.

Specific Objectives:

*Create alternative job opportunities and access to recreation and education for 630 youths

*Enhance the life skill of the target groups in the project period

*Create employment opportunities for out school/unemployed youths.


Project activities: 

*Beneficiary selection(youth who have no support from similar organization, youth from poor family members especially from poor female headed families with no income, willingness and ability to follow the program)

*Skill training on musical instruments, traditional & modern dance, theatrical art, and vocal

*Life skill trainings on topics like self-esteem, positive attitude, communication skill, social relation, conflict & anger management, coping with stress, managing emotions, empathy, substance abuse, critical & creative thinking, reproductive health & HIV/AIDS prevention.

*Stage performance in school and public gatherings to show case their work and motivate other youths.

*School educational material support

Total project budget:

* 4,563,868.00 ETB


Areas of operation: 

*Lideta Sub-city, Arada Sub-city and Gullele Sub-city

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