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SDE in its 15 years life has achieved the following key results through implementing each of our projects:

  • Trained 903 women heads and 521 survival sex workers on weaving, sewing, embroidery, shoemaking and Basic Business Skill (BBS), bakery, catering and Beautifying in addition to life skills courses. Of the sum, 30% have additionally benefited from seed money of purchasing working machines after contributing 25% of each cost.

  • About 42 dilapidated women headed houses repaired and maintained

  • 90 women heads and 25 survival workers trained only on BBS and all of them have got seed money for improving their small business; of which 26 women heads are on the course of organizing into Saving and credit association.

  • on average 45 HIV/AIDS orphans have been cared for and supported permanently in the orphanage since its establishment in 2004

  • 225 street children boarded, trained and graduated on a circus, scout, wood and metal work skills in addition to other psychosocial empowerments  

  • 427 homeless women and men have got boarding and training on weaving, tailoring, shoe & bid making, embroidery and on outsourced other skills in addition to intensive life skills and other supportive provisions 

  • Has been permanently supporting over120 elders (60 years old and above) through providing a daily meal service and pocket money twice a year and providing monthly financial support since 2002.

  • 1,881vulnerable children, adolescents, and youths (including children of women-headed families) have got training on Theatre, Music (Instrumental and Vocal ), Traditional and Modern Dances and on a photo and video editing on top of life skill training. Moreover, each year 4 football clubs (each of them having 20 players) had been supported for 12 years and 70 jobless out school youths have got training outsourced training on the field that is potential for immediate opportunities for employment; like electrical equipment maintenance, driving, hairdressing, bakery, catering e.t.c

  • Annually 350 students of low or no income families’ children  have got educational material support since 2002 

  • 64 new communal dry latrines constructed and 14 old toilets renovated which totally are serving 4050 beneficiaries.



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