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Before the project:
Tsigereda was a divorced woman who had been earning her living through very small and nonreliable routine businesses when joining our women heads project in 2007. She has been trained on shoemaking and sewing skills and graduated in 2009.

After the project:
She has been working as a cleaner in a private hospital called Yordanos after the training. At the same time, she applied to repair and sew doctors’ and nurses’ gowns, bed covers & sheets and other clothes needed in the hospital in her spare times. Hence her application has been accepted, she bought an old sewing machine and she is doing such additional job.


Her current status:
She is now 38 and earning a fair income from those two sources, she is registered for two-bedrooms condominium and paying monthly installment, she has enabled her elder daughter to be graduated from private college in accounting and is now employed. Her son has completed grade 10 and has his own garage, the third one is (daughter) learning in grade 10.

Her opinion:
She explains her current position and the reason for it as follows “The major reason for my current change is Siddartha; the staffs helped me to think out of daily routines and enabled me to have technical skill; such initiatives encouraged me to add my own efforts and it is my great wish to see 
Siddratha being a huge & strong organization. Thanks to Father Augustine, the management, and other staffs”



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