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The seagull remains the symbol of using one's capacities and enlarging one's limits. These concepts were at the start of Siddartha and were basic values. (cfr. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull)

The two elements in the middle of the logo are put in perspective. They represent two separate worlds like Ethiopia versus Belgium or Man versus Woman, The issue is to find one's place. The one is not better/bigger than the other. The basic start is the spirit of Siddartha.


Because many people are stuck in their daily circle of habits and steeped in prejudices, they feel safe in life within a given circle/ comfort zone. But Siddartha has promoted for more than 30 years that one should continually enlarge the limits and that the circle can and must be broken open. The seagull shows it, one of the elements transcends the border, and so does the letter of Siddartha.

There are a lot more qualities in each one of us than we think.

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